Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Aliens want our pickles. HIDE your pickles. They will go to any lengths to get them.  Seriously.

Friday, October 22, 2010

But I just did that...... while I was sleeping.

So this past Sunday I woke up before everyone else in the family. Since the house was nice and quite I decided to take a deliciously long shower, afterwords I took my time getting ready, curled my hair, fixed my make-up,  ironed my dress. The family was still sleeping so I prepped a roast, and potatoes put it in the crock pot. I then started on making a big breakfast, so the family could wake up to the smell of eggs, hash browns, sausage and juice.  I was feeling so incredible, how amazing am I? Sunday dinner was cooking, smells of homemade breakfast filled the house, and I was actually dressed and looking pretty for church. Were is my Mother of the year award?  In the middle of my self approval, I WAKE UP.

Allea starts to cry, which make Yo'sea cry I check the clock we have a HALF HOUR before church starts. So with my kids crying in my ear, I come to the realization that all that work I just did, was JUST A DREAM! There isn't a something in the Crock pot, breakfasts isn't hot and ready and I look awful.  BLAH! I thought dreams were suppose to escapes from the day to day. Instead I just felt like I did a morning full of work, and I haven't actually gotten out of bed yet.

Mean Dreams, just Mean!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dream Shy

So the past few nights, i have not been able to remember my dreams. I still wake up at night, and when I first wake up I can totally remember my dreams. But by the morning it is all gone. I may remember bits and pieces, but not the entire thing.

I think my Dreams have figured out that I am exploiting them on my BLOG. But what my dreams don't understand, is this Blog is being written out of love, for them. I want to remember them, and share the joy of them with others.

So please dreams, don't be shy. We are such good friends, just stick around in all your vividness for the morning light.   :) Please.  Thanks!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I can move things with my mind, I repeat WITH MY MIND.

In this dream I was a teenager yet again. I happen to know Joseph, but him and I didn't go to the same school. He went to this school that helped children learn to use there "powers" kinda like a School for the X-men. I went to a normal High School. Since I was pretty smart and kept up with most of my work, I would skip out and go to school with Joseph when I could.  I loved learning the things he learned at school, often after school I would run to his house and grill him about the lessons they talked about at his school.  This particular time he was trying to move items with his mind. I knew I could do this a lil'bit. Because from time to time when I'm alone and lazy, I'll slide a pencil, cup, or anything I need over, to bring it to my hand when I need it.

So Joseph was telling me exactly the exercise they were suppose to be practicing at home, and it was to make an object go back and forth.  He was surprised when I could already do that. So on a whim he told me to make the item go up and down. I remember concentrating really hard, but I could actually make the item bounce up and down.  Joseph was FLOORED, I guess the skill of moving and item up and down isn't something everyone can do only certain people. 

He wants to arrange for me to come to his class and show his teacher my skill.  I remember showing up to his class room early. The thing about this class room is it had steps to sit on instead of chairs, and desks. But each step had water on it.  When you would sit down on a  step you, also  sat in this shelf of water that went up to your stomach. I had no idea why each step had a shelf of water on it.. it just did. I actually liked it, because water is so refreshing and calming.

Anyway, I get to class before Joseph,  so I choose a step and wait for him. While I"m waiting I stare at people watching all the kids coming in.   I am starting to get excited about what Joseph's teacher will say, I'm wondering if I am actually special, and can come to this school.. I absently mildly start to splash in the water with my hand.. when I wake up.    

Thursday, February 11, 2010

You're sleeping in a tent?

Joseph walks in from work, to tell me he got interviewed for another job. This job if we got it was going to move us to which ever state we chose to work in. SCORE! I guess they interviewed him earlier in the year, and they are now calling him back for a second interview.  I get all excited, I help Joseph pick his outfit for the interview, and we go over some questions that they might ask.  He is all dressed and prepped, and we kiss him good-bye. He closes the door to leave, and then the door immediately opens again. Joseph asks me to come outside and see this. Walking out the front door, I immediately see a tent on our front porch.  What? I look inside and my brother Josh and his family are inside the tent with sleeping bags all laid out and watching a moving on a portable DVD player.

"Josh, why are you guys in a Tent on MY PORCH?" Josh informs me that he has decided to live there for a bit. The weather is nice here, the kids like the area, it's close to his work and both families. It just works out perfectly.   "Perfectly? Really?"  For some reason Joseph agrees with Josh's logic. I just keep saying, "but you are sleeping in a tent? Really?"

Anyway, Joseph heads off to his interview, and I start to piddle around the house. A couple of hours go by, and I get a call from the company that Joseph just interviewed with. They tell me, that they thought he was perfect for the job, but now they think he would be overly committed to the job, and just to intense of an employee to be let on the team. They actually were hoping I would tell him the news, so they wouldn't have too.  WHAT? Seriously?  That is when I wake up.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shut that door

Last night I only have a couple of memories of what I was dreaming about. The first one is of me, in an Ice Cream Truck, surrounded by like 20 happy children. That's all I can remember. Go figure.

The second, I am in our condo and sitting on the couch. I start to feel a cool breeze, and I don't think much of it. But then the breeze gets stronger. I look up and the front door is cracked open. The breeze is actually moving the door slightly. I get up to close the door. I gently push the door, but the breeze gets even stronger, I am now straining against the door, and with one hand I am trying lock the door shut. But the Breeze is so strong at this point that I actually can't get it closed enough to lock it. The wind increases yet again, and need both hands on the door, I am starting to loose the battle of the door. The door with the wind behind it is actually PUSHING ME back. I'm panicked now, pushing  not to closed the door, but to keep from being flung against the wall. I am about to yell for Joseph to help me, when an arm comes through the open door, and Grabs me!! I SCREAM! and wake up breathing fast.

Scary, huh!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl Dad

My Dad out of many tried out for the NFL. They did a special try-out for civilians to try and walk on a team. My Dad actually made it, and ends up joining his team right during the play-offs and they end up going to the Super bowl! The Cool thing is this Super bowl last two days straight. So the NFL set our family up with a Town home to live in that was right across from the Football Stadium. So we could be close to my Dad during all the action. The Townhouse was big enough to house my entire family, with In-laws and grandkids. The second day of the Super bowl, Joseph went early to watch my Dad and his team stretch out and stuff, then Josh and his family took Yo'sea. SO I slept in until Almost Noon, which was HEAVENLY. `Then I took my sweet time getting ready for the day, every room in the house had a TV, and if you turned one one, of course the Super Bowel was playing. THere was even a TV monitor in the shower. So I watched a bit of the game while I ate, and fixed my hair.

I"m not a huge football fan, but it was fun to see my Dad get interviewed over and over again. The general masses wanted his view as the newest recruit. I watched as my Dad, answered tons of questions. I remember him saying, "You know I'll, probably never play one second in the game, but I'm proud to wear the colors, and will one day tell others I was part of a team that played in the Super Bowel."

I decide I better get out on the field and watch the game. I get to the gate, but I realize I don't have my pass. I had left it in Yo'sea's baby bag along with my Cell phone. I tried to talk my way in, but Security is pretty tight.  So I walked down to the Movie theater and hit up a show. (this is getting long, and boring. OH well, I'm still going to finish writing each and every tiny detail.)

As I was coming out of the Movie theater I had a wad of $100 bills cash on hand. I stuffed them down in my Pocket because I felt eyes on me. I look up and this greasy looking man, asks me for some spare change. I ignore him, then he asks how much money I have on me. I let him know I have sufficient for my needs. And I walk away fast, I am aware of him following me, so I break out in a run. By the sound of things I can hear that the Super Bowel is over, so I take a short cut down a hill and through a ravine to get to the stadium.

I am fighting the crowds flooding out of the Stadium, trying to get in to my family. While I feel that guy getting closer and closer. I actually get up on one of the stadium stands, and I see Joseph, just as the Guy grabs my arm. I yell for Joseph and he quickly assess the situation. He runs over and runs the guy off... I wake up.